Kampos  is an area  of citrus trees located 5km from the city center.It is  is covered by a dense network of small roads.

The orchards are individually surrounded by high stone fences to protect the trees form wind and dust. Kambos is unique and  it can not be  found in  other Aegean Islands. This area was chosen by the Genovese and the local lords so they would built their villas from the 14th century. Behind the high, forbidding walls, each estate was a world of its own, with pleasant courtyards, comfortable houses, shady avenues of trees, and flower gardens. Kampos is famous  for the quality and the special taste  of citrus.


The castle of Chios

The castle of Chios is one of the few inhabited castles in Greece. It was constructed during the byzantine  era and became a model of Renaissance architecture. Inside the castle there is the prison of the archbishop of Chios plato,graves of Turkish generals and admirals and the museum Ioustinianis.


Nea Moni

Nea Moni Chios One of the most important historical attraction on Chios is the monastery, Nea Moni, about 11 kilometers from the city of Chios. It was discovered in the 11th century when three hermit-monks found a miraculous icon of the Virgin here and they persuaded the Byzantine Emperor Constantine IX Monomachus to build a  monastery and church on this site.




The mastic tree

Mastic tree Fossils of mastic tree leaves found on the island reveal the existence on the island six thousand years ago suggesting that its origin come from Chios. Hippocrates suggests the mastic resin as a cure and Diomides mentions its therapeutic usage in his work. Attempts to cultivate and produce the high quality resin produced from mastic tree  in other areas of the world were unsuccessful. Mastic tree thrives and gives mastic only in then south part of the island of Chios and nowhere in the world


Mastic villages

Mastic Villages  is the region where the mastic tree’s resin is harvested.. They are in the south of the island and the most popular  are Mesta and Pirgi.

The medieval village Mesta is well preserved and its architecture is totally unique. The whole village has been intendently planned and built as a maze, in order to prevent the pirate raiding parties from reaching easily the most important buildings located in the center of the village.


Pyrgi Pyrgi village is a fortress-like complex of narrow streets, tightly packed houses and arches.It has a unique distinctive graffito technique used to decorate the exteriors of houses.The cement is painted white and then geometric shapes (triangles, chevrons, circles, etc.) are scraped away.





Anavatos Anavatos village is built on a rocky mountain with sides so steep it can only be approach from one point.The village is now completely deserted but the overall shape of the settlement is quite well-preserved to give a unique picture of a ghost town surrounded by a wild and rough natural environment.







 Archeological Museum

The archeological museum  has collections of prehistoric and archaic finds from excavations of the British School in Emporio, also finds of ancient and classical period in Fana and in Agio Galas.


Byzantine Museum

The byzantine museum of Chios is located in the town center and was constructed in the 19th century.It contains objects from the early Christian period to post byzantine period.(5th-18th A.D.)


Naval  Museum

It is located in te center of Chios and it has neoclassical architecture and beautiful naval artworks.


Korais library

The name was given to the library from Adamantios Korais (1748-1833) a great literate and writer. Korais is one of the most important libraries in Greece. It contains scriptures and a  significant amount of books which where donated by many literates from Chios. A very important contribution was made by Argentis family which contained a wide variety of books,paintings,maps and other precious exhibits.